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Foreigner's land
acquisition registration
When foreigners make a contract of land acquisition, they shall register the item subject to registration with the department in charge of the district office within 60 days of signing the contract.
When foreigners register real estate transactions, this case is applied to the Foreigner's land acquisition registration.
When foreigners acquire land not by a contract but by other means such as inheritance, auctions, and continued holding and so on, they shall register the acquisition within 6 months.
If foreigners do not register the acquisition within the period, they will be fined up to KRW 3 million according to the period and transactional volume.
Attached documents
Registration forms on land acquisition, continued holding and so forth.
Authorized ID card such as passport, a certificate of alien registration, and so forth.
Land information Division : 삇 +82-51-749-4766, 4768
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