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Getting Korean Driver's License (Procedure is the same as that of Korean.)
Here are two types (Class 1 & Class 2) of Korean Driver's License, and the kinds of car you can drive differ depending on the type. You need to pass three kinds of test; Written Test, Course Driving Test, Road Test. You can take the test at Driver's License Examination Offices, and also at Driver's License Institute. In case of Driver's License Institute, passing possibility is high, but it takes longer time and is expensive. You can visit the website of Driver's License Agency at for more information. (English, Chinese and Japanese available) Driver's License Examination Offices : 1577-1120

Driver's license Class 1, Class 2

Driver's license Vehicles you can drive with the license
Class Classification
Class 1 Large license

몺 passenger car, van, truck, emergency vehicle
몼 construction vehicledump truck, asphalt sprayer, road stabilizer Concrete mixer truck, concrete pump boring machine (loaded onto truck) forklift under 3 tons
몾 special motor vehicle (except trailer,
몿 motorcycle

Regular license 몺 passenger car
몼 van with seating capacity of 15
몾 emergency vehicle with seating capacity of 12
몿 truck with carrying capacity of below 12 deadweight tonnage
뫀 construction vehicle (forklift under 3 tons)
뫁 motorcycle
Small license 몺 auto-tricycle (truck)
몼 auto-tricycle (passenger car)
몾 motorcycle
Special license trailer, wrecker, vehicles you can drive with Class 2 regular license
Class 2 Regular license 몺 passenger car (including vans with seating capacity of below 10)
몼 truck with carrying capacity of 4 deadweight tonnage
몾 motorcycle
Small license 몺 two wheel vehicle (over 125cc)
몼 motorcycle
Class 1 regular 몺혻passenger car
몼혻van with seating capacity of 15
몾혻truck with carrying capacity of 11 deadweight tonnage
Class 2 regular 몺 passenger car (including vans with seating capacity of below 10)
몼 truck with carrying capacity of below 4 deadweight tonnage

International Driver's License

If you have an International Driver's License, you can drive in Korea for the valid period (1 year from the issuing date). But it is not possible to drive commercial car, and you can only drive the cars mentioned on your International Driver's License. In case that you didn't take aptitude test or was rejected, or in case that you caused traffic accident, you cannot drive even though you have International Driver's License. If you drive without your International Driver's License, you are violating the duty of carrying driver's license.

Exchanging foreign license into Korean license

After July 1, 2003, a nationality who has the driver's license issued from a country that admits the Korean driver's license is exempted from all the tests according to the Reciprocity, but for those from the other countries, the Korean drive license is issued only for the person who passed the written test.

Documents required
Original Foreign Driver's License
Alien Registration Card
Fee 11,000won
written examination fee 6,000won
3 Photos (3x4 inches)
Foreign driver's license translated and notarized
(The issue date and valid period must be specified on the translated text. No translation and notarization required for the drive license in English.)
Passport or immigration office certificate at the time when the foreign driver's license was issued
Embassy certificate
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