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Happy City Haeundae
Airport Information
Location : Busan Daejeo 2 dong, Gangseo
Geographical location
- Latitude 35 10 '46'
- Tokyo 128 56 '27'
- 4m above sea level
Airport Information : +82-51-972-3010 (automated voice prompts)

Domestic Flights

Airlines Flight Routes Flight Days ETE Information
Korean Air, Asiana Airlines Busan넂Gimpo Daily 60 or 55 min. Korean Air(
삇 +82-1588-2001

삇 +82-1588-8000

Air Busan(
삇 +82-1666-3060

(Asiana Airlines)
Daily 60 min.
Busan넂Jeju Daily 50 min.
Air Busan Busan넂Gimpo

Daily 55 min.
There are 5 flights a day from Busan to Incheon.
Busan넂 Incheon: Korean Air, 4 flights / Asiana Airlines1 flight (at 07:10)
There are always possible changes of the flight schedule from Busan to Incheon.
Please inquire the schedule first before the use.

International Flights (GIMHAE AIRPORT -

Airlines Region Flight Routes Flight Days ETE (min.) Information Tel.
Korean Air(kal) Japan Tokyo(nrt) Daily 125 +82-1588-2001
Osaka Daily 80
Fukuoka(fuk) Daily 50
Nagoya(ngo) Daily 85
Sapporo(spk) Tues, Thur, Sat 135
Thailand Bangkok(bkk) Daily 320
China Beijing(pek) Daily 100
Daily 100
Qingdao(tao) Tues, Thur, Sat 115
Xian(xiy) Mon, Thur 205
Hong Kong(hkg) Wed, Fri, Sun. 200
Vietnam Hanoi(han) Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun. 280
Philippines Manila(mnl) Tues, Thur, Fri, Sun 220
USA Guam(gum) Wed, Fri, Sun 305
Asiana Airlines(aar) Japan Osaka(kix) Daily 80 +82-1588-8000
Fukuoka(fuk) Fri, Sun 50
China Beijing(pek) Daily 140
Shanghai(sha)-Pudong Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 120
Shenyang(she) Tues, Sat 100
Hangzhou(hgh) Tues, Fri 130
Guangzhou(can) Tues, Thur, Sat 210
Weihai(weh) Sun, Wed, Fri 90
Philippines Manila(mnl) Daily 220
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh(sgn) Tues, Thur, Sat 360
Saipan Saipan(spn) Wed, Thur, Sat, Sun 260
Japan Airlines(jal) Japan Tokyo(nrt) Daily 125
Osaka(kix) Daily 75
Nagoya(ngo) Daily 90
Vladivostok Air JSC(xf) Russia Vladivostok(vlk) Mon 100 +82-51-465-2267
Air China(cca) China Beijing(pek) Daily 140 +82-51-463-6888
Hangzhou(hgh) Mon, Thur 130
China Eastern Airlines(ces) China Shanghai(sha)-Pudong Daily 100 +82-51-973-8254
Yantai(ynt) Sun, Wed, Fri 80
Shanghai Airlines(xf) China Shanghai(sha)-Pudong Daily 100 +82-51-467-2600
China Southern Airlines(csn) China Shenyang(she) Mon, Wed, Fri 100 +82-51-469-9075
Dalian(dlc) Tues, Fri 110
China Shandong Airlines(sc) China Qingdao(tao) Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 115 +82-51-971-6888
Dragonair(ka) China Hong Kong(hkg) Daily 200 +82-51-831-0495
Viva Macau Airlines(zg) China Macao (amu) Wed, Fri, Sun 210 +82-51-442-6800
Vietnam Airlines(hvn) Vietnam Ho Chi Minh(sgn) Daily 360 +82-51-461-0123
Hanoi(han) Tues, Thur, Sun 280
Philippine Airlines(pal) Philippines Manila(mnl) Wed, Thur, Sat, Sun 155 +82-51-466-0333
Thai Airways(tg) Thailand Bangkok(bkk) Tues, Thur, Sat, Sun 310 +82-51-463-8181~3
Northwest Airlines(nwa) USA Honolulu(hnl) Daily 890 +82-51-469-7900
Trans Asia Airways(ge) Taiwan Taipei(tpe) Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 80 +82-51-463-0093
Cebu Air(ceb) Philippines Cebu(ceb) Thur, Sun 290 +82-51-462-0686
Progress Multi Airline(pmt) Cambodia Siem Reap(rep) Wed, Sat 330 +82-51-441-7471
Lufthansa Airline(dlh) Germany M체nchen(muc) Tues, Fri, Sun 890 +82-51-972-3402
Flights, flight routes, and days may be always changed. (Please check required matters in advance because the information may change according to the local situations.)

Shuttle Bus Routes of Gimhae International Airport

Inquiry: Airport Limousine +82-51-972-7747/ Bus No. 307: +82-51-972-7747
Village Bus: No. 11, 13 (Linkup withMetro Line 2)
- - -
Airport Limousine Intervals: 25min.
Fares: KRW 7,000 / ChildKRW 4,500
ETE: 1 hr. 20 min.
Haeundae No. 1 Route
07:00 - 22:00 (run at an interval of 25 min.)
International Flight Domestic Flight Namcheon-dong Gwangan-dong Centum Hotel BEXCO Yachting Center Hanwha Resort Hyperion Three-way Intersection Westin Chosun Beach Hotel Grand Hotel Novotel Ambassadors Hotel Paradise Hotel Paledecz Resort Jangsan Metro Station - Haeundae Paik Hospital Dongbu Apt. Daerim 1 Cha Apt. Yangwoon High School - Homeplus Centum Hotel Suyeong Intersection Gwangan-dong Namcheon-dong Departure Lounge of International Flight Departure Lounge of Domestic Flight.
Haeundae No. 2 Route
06:50 - 21:50 (run at an interval of 25 min.)
International Flight - Domestic Flight - Namcheon-dong (Passing alongGwangan Grand Bridge) Centum Hotel BEXCO Yangwoon High School Daedong Apt. Dongbu Apt. Haeundae Paik Hospital Jangsan Metro Station Paradise Hotel Seacloud Hotel Grand Hotel Westin Chosun Beach Hotel Hyundai Benecity Apt. Hanwha Resort Hyundai I-Park Apt. Gyeongnam Marina Apt. BEXCO Homeplus Centum Hotel (Passing alongGwangan Grand Bridge) Namcheon-dong Departure Lounge of International Flight Departure Lounge of Domestic Flight
Intervals: 40min.
Fares: KRW6,000/ ChildKRW4,000
ETE: 1 hr.
(Gimhae International Airport넂Bound forBusan Station)
07:20-21:40 (ETE: 1 hr.)
International Flight - Domestic Flight - Seomyeon (Lotte Hotel) - Seomyeon 1 Beonga (Seomyeon First Street) - Hyundai Dept. Store (Front of Kumkang Shoe) - Busanjin Station (Busanilbo) - Busan Station (Allianz Life Insurance) - Hotel Toyoko-inn - Jungang-dong (First Fire & Marine Insurance) - Coastal Passenger Terminal (Busan Depart Store) - Nampo-dong (Phoenix Hotel) - Chungmu-dong (Across from Seo-gu Office)
(Busan Station넂Bound forGimhae International Airport)
05:40-19:40 (ETE: 1 hr.)
Chungmu-dong (Seo-gu Office, Samsung Electronics) - Nampo-dong (Across from Phoenix Hotel) - Coastal Passenger Terminal (Front of Gukje Bldg.) - Jungang-dong KT (Front of KT Bldg.) - Busan Station (Metro Station Exit No. 10) - Busanjin Station (Entrance of Former Busanjin Station) - Hyundai Dept. Store (Front of Deco and Kara Jewelry) - Seomyeon (Lotte Hotel) - Seomyeon 1 Beonga (Seomyeon First Street) - International Flight - Domestic Flight
No. 307 (Ordinary Bus) Intervals: 20min. Gimhae International Airport
Duckdoo Elementary School ~ Gangseo-gu Office ~ GangseoMetro Station ~ GupoMetro Station..댘DeokcheonMetro Station....댘Mandeok Intersection ~ Gwanghye Hospital ~ DongnaeMetro Station(05:25/23:30)..~Haeundae Station ~ Gimhae International Airport
No. 1009 (Express City Bus) Interval: 40min. Geumgok-dong
YulliMetro Station ~SujeongMetro Station ~ DeokcheonMetro Station ~ Gupo Market ~ Gimhae International Airport (International and Domestic Flights) ~ Myeongji Market ~ Main Entrance of Renault Samsung Motors ~ Free Economic Zone AuthorityIntersection~ Busan New Port
The shuttle bus of Gimhae International Airport operates linkedto the Metro Line 1, 2, and 3. The fares are: airport limousine No. 2 KRW 6,000 for adolescent and adult, and KRW 3,500 for children under 10; ordinary bus No. 307 KRW 1,200 for adult, KRW 800 for adolescent, and KRW 350 for children
Refer to the homepage with respect to the shuttle bus of Gimhae International Airport.
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