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Slogan of Haeundae

he Meaning of the Slogan
The Meaning of the Slogan
The slogan of Haeundae 쁓un' represents the blazing sun and the symbol of Haeundae, the ocean and in broader sense represents the beauty of the environment itself. Fun' represents the diverse culture and tourism and all man-made fun contrary to the nature.
쁓un & Fun Haeundae represents the beauty of Haeundae, its liveliness and the vision of the future.
The SloganDesign
Slogan is created by the wave with symmetric structure along with red, orange and green color. These colors symbolize ocean, sun, people and architecture, land and represent the harmony of nature and human and diversity in Haeundae.

Representing symbol

Date of Establishment
Date of Establishment
March 16th 1994 (Regulation No. 308) Overall form is in round shape and the shape symbolizes the wave, camellia flower, sunrise of Haeundae as the number one place of tourism: Welfare and Harmony of the residence
Represents the no.1 beach of the nation / the waves- Rise of Haeundae
The leaves of camellia flower
the leaves of camellia flower of Dongbaek Island
(The flower representing Busan)
Sun (The rising sun)
The development of Haeundae (Means future looking quality)
Navy color Purity, The clean image of Haeundae
Blue color The healthy residences, peaceful Haeundae
Red color The love for the region of Haeundae

Character of the District Sunny & Funny

haracter of the District Sunny & Funny Funny Sunny
The blazing sun of Haeundae and the wide ocean
'Sunny represents the strength and confidence of Haeundae and the blazing sun and, 쁅unny' represents and humanizes the broad sky and ocean, 쏦aeundae. In form structure, the symbols represent a live Haeundae, future looking Haeundae and represent the variety of Haeundae using the internal graphics. With the sub-character Sunny, we plan for harmonious and concord Haeundae.

Tree of the District: Pine tree

Tree of the District: Pine tree
Scientific name : Pinus
Family name : Pine tree
Family Nickname : Jeok-song, Yuk song
Symbol : inhabits in Jangsan Mountain, Ganbioh Mountain, Wawoo -mountain region and Songrim
Park, and does not lose its green and represents the effort of the Haeundae residence and the
future looking sentiment.

Flower of the District: Camellia flower

Flower of the District: Camellia flower
Scientific name : Camellia Japonica Linnaeus
Family name : tea plant type of forest tree
Nickname : Sanda flower, camellia flower
Symbol : Of the major tourist attraction of Dongbaek Island and major parks, this flower can be
seen in various places of Haeundae. This flower opens in low temperature, the red color
represents the enthusiasm and the layers of the flower represent the peace and harmony

Bird of the District: gull

Bird of the District: gull
Scientific name : Lalus
Family name : Laridae
Symbol : The gull stands for the sea that is the symbol of Haeundae. It is a familiar bird near the
waters such as Songjeong, Gudeokpo, and Dongbaekseom Island and also a bird of good luck to
iinform fishermen of the location of a school of fish. It symbolizes hope and future. Because it
hovers around the death of its peer, not leaving easily, it is well-known for its fidelity, so stands
for the local patriotism, friendship, love and pioneer.
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