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The name Haeundae was named after a scholar name Chi-Won Choi from end of the Shilla dynasty. After the scholar gave up his career in the politics, he stayed in Haeundae and engraved the name 쏦aeundae on the southern rock of theDongbaek Island. Haeundae was named as Jang San Gook during the time of three dynasties, Dongrae Gun, in the Shilla Dynasty and Dong Rae Hyun and Dong Rae Do Ho Bu in Goryo Dynasty. In 1953, it started as Haeundae agency and became city셲 direct agency in 1976, and was promoted as the Haeundae district in 1980, and became an official tourist district on October 31st of 1994 and is becoming the international Mecca for tourist.
  • 2006.07Jaesong Children Library, Cultural Center Installation
  • 2006.01Installed management office for tourism
  • 2005.09 Separated Banyeo street into Banyeo 1,4 street
  • 2003.12Jwa-dong separated into Jwa 1쨌2쨌3쨌4-dong
  • 1999.12Installed Banyeo Library
  • 1998.09 Seokdae-Street was incorporated into Bansong 1 Street
  • 1996.09Became a Haeundae urban district ('91~'98), population of ten thousand(plan was twelve thousand)
  • 1991.09Jaesong Street was separated into Jaesong 1쨌2 Street (15 streets)
  • 1991.04 Installed of district congress administrative organization
  • 1988.05Promoted to an autonomous district(14 streets)
  • 1980.04Haeundae became promoted to a district (U 1쨌2-dong, Jung 1쨌2-dong,Jwa-dong, Songjung, Banyeo 1쨌2쨌3, Seokdae, Bansong 1쨌2쨌3, Jaesong)
  • 1979.08Due to change of administrative district street of Busan city, Banyeo street-3 and Bansong street-3 became separated
  • 1978.01Due to change of administrative district street, Haeundae incorporated Banyeo and streets and other 6 streets
  • 1976.05Promoted to agency under city control
    (Jwa 1쨌2-dong, Jung 1쨌2-dong, Songjeong-dong)
  • 1963.01After Busan city became city under government control, the district became Dongrae district, Gi-Jang myun, Songjeong, ri (Songjeong-dong)
  • 1957.01Reorganized as a Dong rae district, Haeundae Agency
  • 1953.09 Started as a Busan city, Haeundae Agency
    (Jwa-dong, Jung-dong, U-dong)
  • 1942.08Incorporated into Busan city, SooYoung Agency
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