Happy City Haeundae

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Happy City Haeundae
By metro
- Get off at Haeundae Station (2line)
- Turn right at the intersection in the direction of Haeundae Haeundae approximately 350m (Aehyang-gill)
- Hot Springs Road approximately 130m
By Bus
- General Bus : Get off at Haeundae Office or Haeundae Markget (No. 307, 200, 100, 139, 141, 141-Midnight, 39)
- Village Bus : No. Haeundae-gu 10 , Haeundae-gu 2
By Car
- Namhae Highway 넂 Dongseo Overpass 넂 Hwangryong tunnel 넂 The direction of Haeundae
- Kyungbu Highway 넂 Wondong IC 넂 The direction of Haeundae
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