Happy City Haeundae

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Happy City Haeundae
Happy City Haeundae
Haeundae Beach (Sunrise, Foot Baths)
Haeundae Beach셲 exquisite natural scenery makes it the topmost beach across the country and the swimming season culminates for four months from June 1st to September 30st of the year. The beach, which is 1.5km long and 30~50m wide with a total area of 58,400렊, can accommodate some 120,000 vacationers. It has a folkloric exercise site suitable for Korean traditional seesaw, wrestling, stick throwing, tug of war, and a board game played with sticks. There are also tourist information centers, seaside library, and other facilities. The beach, with its diverse annual entertainment, amusements and events, is one of the best beaches in the world. In addition, free hot spring foot bathes opened next to Haeundae Tourist Information Center in 2010, and they are available for many people.

Songjeong Beach
Songjeong Beach opened on July 9 1965 and is in operation from July 1st to August 31st each year. It is 1.2km in length, 57m in width and its total space is 62,150렊 with a capacity to accommodate approximately 140,000 vacationers. Jukdo, at the entrance of the beach, is thick with the pine trees, providing a shaded resting space for visitors and the north-eastern end of Jukdo is highlighted as a natural fishing place. This beach is good for swimming and the children profit from the soft sand, easy slope and shallow waters.

Dongbaekseom Island (Nurimaru)
Dongbaekseom Island, an island formed ancient times, is an island connected with land by the process of the accumulation of earth and sand carried from an alluvial plain in the region of Jwa-dong, Jung-dong and U-dong by Chuncheon River, the confluence of water flowing from the Yangun Cascade (or the Jangsan Mountain Cascade) and Buheungbong peak in the eastern part of Jwadong. Dongbaekseom Island is thick with camellias and pine trees and a statue of and memorial tribute to the great Scholar Chi-Won Choi is on the summit. It came into the international spotlight after the construction of the Nurimaru APEC House (2nd APEC Summit venue).

Dalmaji Hill (Free Market, Gallery, Moontan Road, Sampo Walking)
The Dalmaji Road is located on the side of Wausan Mountain and leads to Songjeong Beach beyond Haeundae Beach. It is a quiet path thick with cherry trees and pine trees, called the 15 curves road for its panoramic vision of the boundless ocean. In addition, Moontan Road, located in Dalmaji Hill, was designed as a peaceful space where you can find your emotional stability gazing at the horizon under the moonlight. You can enjoy observing the moonrise from the road on Dalmaji Hill, which has been one of the eight scenic spots since ancient times as it boasts excellent views.

Haeundae Jangsan Mountain
This is the highest mountain in the country셲 south-eastern region at 634m above sea level. In ancient times, a tribal country called Jangsan country allegedly, existed on Jangsan Mountain. The natural environment of Jangsan Mountain has been preserved in good condition and a cascade, eulalias and fireflies attract citizens into a beautiful downtown resting place.

The BEXCO has a total area space of 132,232 square meters. It comprises three stories above the ground and one story underground. BEXCO is the country's largest state-of-the-art exhibition and convention center and international events continually take place here in succession.

Busan Aquarium
Busan Aquarium, South Koreas largest single aquatic facility with a total floor space of 13,223렊, has 99 themed aquariums, the 80m-long Acrylic Tunnel, the 3,000-ton main aquarium, and the Touch Pool where visitors can directly touch the 350 species of deep-sea fish and can experience marine ecology.

Busan Museum of Modern Art
The Museum of Modern Art which stands 3 stories above ground and 2 stories below ground on the total land size of 21,560 with 21,425 of indoor space, consists of Exhibition Halls, Text Archives, Curatorial Office, Administrative Office, Outdoor Sculpture Park, and more.

Naru Park
APEC Naru Park, located by the Su-yeongcheon River, has about 30,000 square feet of well-shaded street area with green trees, a jogging track, a fountain and sculptures, all which were entries in the 2006 Busan Biennale.

Busan Cinema Center
Located within the Centum City complex, Busan Cinema Center is a mecca of Asia셲 screen culture. It was opened on September 29th. 2011. The Cine Moutine, BIFF Hill, and Double Cone are attached to the center, and the outdoor theater has a very large roof, or so-called 쏝ig Roof. As the latter is covered with 120,000 LEDs, the theater is famous as a valuable place to visit during the night.

Haeundae Festival쨌Cultural Events

Polar Bear Swimming Competition
The Polar Bear Swimming Competition is the one of the country셲 most famous winter events. Haeundae participants jump into the icy-cold sea just like polar bears.

Haeundae Dalmaji and Spa Festival
The nation셲 largest Jeonwol Daeboreum folk festival is held in Haeundae Beach. There, people make wishes through Daljip Taeugi (burning a moon-shaped object made of pine wood)

Moonlight Music Festival
This music festival offers beautiful music under the romantic moonlight of Dongbaekseom Island with the theme of 쁇armony between Light and Melody. A variety of refined and elegant performances are given.

Moontan Road Walking
Moontan Road Walking is a healthy and pleasant program based on the belief that 쁬oonlight is effective in healing human sensitivity and emotions. Participants can experience a variety of fun and interesting events during this occasion (ex: meditation stretching, moonlight music concert, meditation, etc.) along the 2.2km-long Dalmaji-gil Road.

Haeundae Sand Festival
The Sand Festival is held in Haeundae Beach in July every year, and has diverse sand-themed events including the Fantastic Sand world exhibition, sandboarding, beach volleyball, a sand theme pavilion, and sand school experience.

Busan International Film Festival
Every October, you can enjoy various film genres from around the world in Busan Cinema Center, Haeundae Beach, and theaters all over Haeundae. Famous movie directors, actors and actresses, movie critics, movie fans and audiences can share thrills and excitement by attending unique cultural events during the festival.
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